For a healthy heart sleep with mafi

Fondly named ‘Queen of the Alps’, Swiss Stone Pine has been valued for centuries for the positive effect it has on health and wellbeing. mafi Swiss Stone Pine has been used in health retreats in the Alps traditionally, but also throughout the world to create a space for better rest and...

Mafi Vulcano: A Healthy Alternative

Mafi Timber are proud to be the first to offer a real alternative to tropical timbers through the Mafi Vulcano Thermal Heat Treatment. The treatment utilises strictly natural, environmentally friendly processes to darken the pigment of the wood. Unlike smoked and stained floors, no chemicals are...

mafi Partner with National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice®

We’re very excited to announce mafi’s partnership with the Sensitive Choice® program, approved by the National Asthma Council Australia. Approved products in the Sensitive Choice® program go through an extensive evaluation process and need to satisfy an independent Product Advisory...

Nature is Better than Plastic

A study by University Professor Dr. Rupert Wimmer, University for Floor Culture Vienna: Coming to terms with Wood On the question of whether wood would also be used in hospitals, Robert Stingl, a dedicated wood researcher at the University of Floor Culture Vienna (Boku), already fairly often...

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