SHIVER ME TIMBERS! mafi Oak Molto from $140m2

Our NEW Molto is what European Oak dreams are made of! Luminous with or without natural light, mafi Oak Molto encompasses all of the natural beauty you could imagine from natural oak. All mafi floors come with a 25 yr structural warranty and a 25 yr warranty that your mafi floor will not require sanding. This is our promise to you, nature is better than plastic!


Oak Molto Brushed White Oil3


When we search for colour in nature, we discover a variety of different shades, tones and combinations. Trees naturally grow with the seasons and it’s due to these environmental influences that no one tree is the same. This exact process is what we always try to convey with our all natural wood floors.


Oak Molto Brushed White Oil2


All mafi wood floors are finished with a chemical free, mafi natural oil. The oil penetrates the woods pores and as it hardens the surface becomes extremely hardwearing whilst allowing the woods pores to remain open and breathable. These unique qualities of an all-natural finish ensures Mafi timber boards are suitable for heavily frequented domestic and commercial areas, as well as in bathrooms & wet rooms.


Oak Molto Brushed White Oil7


Here at mafi, we continuously encounter spectacular & incomparable materials encouraging us to innovate and define new boundaries. We use the entire tree because this is the most sustainable way. It’s this efficiency that leads to our most innovative products.


Oak Molto Brushed White Oil4


Our newest release, Oak Molto comes in a mix of different widths of 120, 140 & 160mm. Why do we use random widths? Because Molto has attitude! Plus, by doing so we find a spectacular use for the whole tree.


Oak Molto Bushed White Oil1


Pictured is mafi Oak Molto Brushed White Oil $140m2 +gst



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